real estate

  1. Po0gsie

    Renovate to sell? Sell Voetstoets?

    Hi So my Dad is a pensioner living totally alone on a smallholding in northern Gauteng. The house has not had any maintenance done for the best part of 10 years. Aside from a few wall cracks, roof leaks (naked corrugated sheet roof) and plumbing issues, the house is not in bad shape. I'm adamant...
  2. N

    What should I consider when purchasing a property to let?

    Hi all I am looking to buy an investment property to let in CT and I was wondering what are the different considerations for a prospective investor? Besides rent yield and capital appreciation, what are the other important considerations? Thank you in advance!
  3. Lebogang95

    Property Investment: Purchasing a House or an Apartment

    I am in the market for a property which I plan to rent out to potential tenants. One of the biggest issues I am facing at the moment is deciding on if whether a house or an apartment is worth the investment. See I'm not really in it for the profit or short term gain. I'm 20 years old with a...
  4. D

    Property in Cape Town - WHUT?

    Hello fellow mybb fellows. Wondering if some property gurus could shed some light on the Cape Town property market. Which areas make the most financial sense with regards to buying? I am looking in Rondebosch and there isn't much on the market in my criteria. Apparently its quite a...
  5. B

    New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback

    [Intro] New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback Aweh My name is Ruark and I'm one of the founders. We're a startup based out of Cape Town, South Africa who recently were accepted into the Google/Samsung backed 88MPH accelerator program. We're a mobile app that borrows a little...
  6. Rouxenator

    Selling a house, is it better empty or occupied

    My mom-in-law has been trying to sell her house since March. She moved down to Cape Town to be closer to us so the house is empty at the moment. The first estate agent could not sell it within three months. The second estate agent is now trying to sell it at a lower price. The agent's excuse...