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    Is This Rental Agent Unethical, Illegal or Partially Fair?

    Hello everyone! So this is a very tricky rentals situation I'm in and I'm hoping someone with deep insight can give me an answer or advise on what I can do in this situation. In September 2016 I found an apartment to rent on Facebook. I contacted the agent and they said that I can apply to...
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    Where to live in Jhb - Near Sandton

    Fellow forumites, I am in need of assitance, I am possibly moving to Jhb for work, specifically Alice Lane in Sandton. I know Jhb to some extent, but not wrt where to live. I would like a nice,safe, residential area, not too much hustle, bustle and traffic. Maybe like a...
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    Looking for Highsites in Pretoria and Midrand

    Good Day We are a WISP looking to expand our network. If you have any Highsites in the Pretoria and Midrand areas please send me a PM. Key Areas are: Midrand South ( Commercia, Chloorkop, President Park AH, Midsteam) Centurion (Centurion Mall and Doringkloof) Pretoria (Route 21 Office...
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    Blu-Ray Movie Rentals?

    Here's to hoping I'm posting under the right section! :D Now...I'm sure I've seen a thread on this from about 2 years ago or something, which is possibly just a bit outdated by now, so without committing thread necromancy :p.....anyone know of Cape Town based video stores that rent blu-ray...