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    Retail Value of CTi Golf for Insurance

    Hi, dad's 1994 CTi golf is insured for R15000 (Retail Value). His installment is R635 with Budget. Am I getting a good deal? I checked Gumtree and I don't see any CTi's in similar condition going for R15000 or less, so if the car get's written off I won't find a CTi for that price. How does...
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    Insurance amount is less than settlement amount

    Urgently need some advise please. This is the very first time I have been involved in an accident so I just want to make sure I get the most from my insurance and the third party. I was standing still in traffic at the bottom of a bridge on the highway when two card came flying over the...
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    Trade and Retail Values

    Previously the Dealer-Guides was distributed by Mead and McGrouter, a few years already it has been taken over by TransUnion. These Values are a guide only as it says on the first page, they are extensively used by Dealers as a guide - but Insurers and Financiers as well as Estate lawyers and...