1. Prawnapple

    The Punk Thread!

    Post punk here.
  2. K

    Who is going for the Yusuf Cat Stevens concert?

    So i am sure a lot of you have read the bizarre article published on News24 by Glenn Bownes titled: All aboard the anti-hate train. He is making things up and twisting Cat's words... Now people like this are the real bigots, trying to deter us SA fans in not going. Sorry though mate, the...
  3. S

    New Rock and Roll / Alternative Music ???

    Hi All, I am looking for new music, new bands etc in the broader rock / alternative genre. Something ruff, something blues, something acoustic, something hard, something new, something fresh, something with soul, something sleazy, something with solos, something acoustic, something electric...

    "Linkin Park - The Hunting Party" album released

    The new album by Linkin Park, named The Hunting Party, has just been released. And it is hard rock from start to finish! Still different from the styles used on Hybrid Theory and Meteora, this album style is more a mix of punk rock and metalcore. I am really enjoying it. What do you guys think?

    Steel Panther - Gloryhole (NSFW)

    Prepare yourself for one of the grossest most awesome music videos you have ever seen. Watch through to the end, it gets better/worse. Definitely NSFW. "There's a place down the street just behind Maccie D's."
  6. G

    Mystery disc-like object stumps Baltic Sea divers Remnants of an ice-age glacial rock or UFO? YOU DECIDE! :D
  7. CrzWaco

    Anybody listen to Gothic Metal/Rock

    So does anybody?