1. F

    Beware Afrihost rollover bad practice

    Just though I should post my experiences here / warn other people of Afrihost's sly tactics when their IP Accounting information is bad. On Friday night at +- 11PM I started a download to use the last bit of free bandwidth I had left and stopped the download at 11:58PM (also shut down the PC)...
  2. Jan

    Optimal data rollover calculator

    Looking at the offers in the market right now I'm not sure how relevant this is anymore, but I plan to do an article involving this in the near future so I wrote a little script to confirm or refute my intuition. Optimal-rollover: a Ruby script on Github. Take a look, let me know if I dun...
  3. jes

    Consumer Protection Act and 3 year prepaid data rollover

    Consumer Protection Act and 3 year prepaid data rollover South Africa's Consumer Protection Act states that prepaid vouchers must remain valid for 3 years – how does this impact data and airtime rollover?
  4. M

    Who do you recommend (again)?

    Hi all, I put a lot of faith into the advice given on ZA connectivity issues given by this forum... As a result, we swiched from WebAfrica last year, to Axxess. Essentially the move was based on growing negative publicity, and stagnating pricing. Despite having numerous email issues...