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    RSS for Mac: recommendations?

    Can anyone please recommend an RSS application for a MacBook (I understand that Safari have discontinued their RSS app)? Some recommendations on this website ( but just wondering if anyone has personal experience using an RSS app on a...
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    FTP Client (watch feature)

    Hi Does anyone know of a program that can be used to watch an FTP server and auto transfers once the files get changed on server side, once successfully downloaded the file must be deleted from server ? FileZilla works great but doesnt have the watch feature. I have a seedbox and RSS...
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    Be more productive working online with IFTTT

    Problem: Managing multiple/repetitive social media or online tasks Example: You have to manage a company's facebook page and draw news feeds from multiple sources everyday, so you have to manually visit each feed and share it on the page, which gets quite tedious when you are following allot...
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    Vodacom- Blackberry Torch 9800 – Social Feed - RSS

    I have recently upgraded to the Blackberry Torch 9800. It took some time to get used to the touch screen and battery life but otherwise a great phone. The phone comes pre installed with an application called “Social Feeds” that integrates all your social network feeds into one application...