RSS for Mac: recommendations?


Oct 29, 2010
I've tried every RSS reader I've come across, and they're basically all garbage. Especially Feedly. Don't give them a penny. is my favourite RSS reader by miles. Has a dedicated page ( that you can bookmark and use on the daily to read RSS items in a nice full-screen layout. In Chrome it has an RSS button in the toolbar that gives a quick dropdown layout for RSS feeds, which I use even more frequently. Not sure if Safari has the button specifically, but I know Feeder claims to support Safari. I use the Android app for accessing feeds on the go, and I know there's an iOS app too.

Screenshot of both reader functionalities (full page and dropdown):


It used to be $2pm, which I paid for a long time, but they've since increased the prices after drastically renovating their service and adding a bunch of features. OG clients were offered a discounted plan going forward, but it's worth full price. Service is great too. They've actually added a fairly big feature for no reason other than because I personally asked them to. The feature in question was the ability to entirely disable the system of keeping tabs on unread feed items. I prefer to just browse my feeds when I like and pay no mind to what has been read and what hasn't.