1. RedViking

    Ford South Africa issues third recall of Kuga vehicles

    "Ford Motor Company South Africa has issued another urgent safety recall of its Kuga vehicles. The recall comes after Ford discovered that the insulation surrounding the front seatbelt retractor’s pre-tensioner posed a fire risk in the event of a head-on collision. Ford says that activation of...
  2. Emjay

    Attention Triathlons - Get in here!

    Hey there, I am very drawn to the triathlon lifestyle, and have decided to sign up for the MiWay Sun City Sprint event in May. I not really an athlete, but I am almost ready for this event. Even though this is a much easier race, I think it's a good starting point to launch into training for...
  3. M

    Man in gorilla costume mistaken for actual gorilla

  4. S

    Song copyrights (not what you think...)

  5. M

    Man trying to save parking spot for wife gets run over

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