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    Can I get a Static IP on CISP through SADV?

    Hello Everyone, Is it at all possible in any way, shape, or form to get a static IP address through Cool Ideas (or any other ISP) using SA Digital Villages Fibre? SADV is busy installing Fibre in our neighborhood, but I require a Static IP, and I am worried that I will not be able to get one...
  2. F

    SA Digital Villages and their empty promises

    SADV came and installed fibre lines into our complex about two months ago. It seemed to go smoothly. Trenches were dug, the splicing units were installed and we were told they'll come back in a few days to install the ONT so that once the site's live we can simply connect the ONT to our routers...
  3. F

    Anyone with WebAfrica and SA Digital Villages?

    Hi Is anyone with WebAfrica and SA Digital Villages? Fibre will be up and my area in a few weeks and I'm deciding with what isp to go with?
  4. D

    SA Digital Villages + Afrihost experience

    Hi Experience share: I moved to a new complex in Lonehill, Jhb. Only option was SA Digital Villages (SADV). Google ratings are pathetic and HelloPeter probably worse, so I was not hopeful at all. I actually wanted to join MTN Lonehill as they have a specific contract in this area. Stayed...
  5. Espee

    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    I have been using Cipherwave / Home-Connect's 100/100Mbps package for the past two weeks and I have SADV (SA Digital Villages) as my fibre provider. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. I have been seeing constant speeds of 95Mbps+ and my downloads on Steam, Origin, etc...
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    SA Digital Villages - Terrible ISP

    I'm posting this purely so that other users moving to an SADV complex can have more information on what they are getting themselves into, since I could find very little info on these guys before I moved. However as you'll discover you won't have much of a choice in signing with them if you...
  7. jes

    1Gbps fibre access from R1,299

    1Gbps fibre access from R1,299 New fibre to the home project in South Africa will offer speeds of between 4Mbps and 1Gbps, with aggressive access and data prices