1. L

    SAPO's handling on International packages

    So I ordered a package through amazon on 9/07/2019 and have been trying to find its exact location now. I called SAPO a few days ago, after waiting on hold for 30 min, asking where my package was and they told me it was still on route. According to FedEx FIMS systems, when I enter my tracking...
  2. TheSaladBhenchod

    Does anyone remember that hype around that company "Yekani" apparently making phones in SA?

    It was a few months back I think, and their website seems to suggest they are making handsets but there's been literally nothing about them since that thread on here in June or July. What's happened?
  3. Nivea

    Black Desert Online now available on our steam store!

    Nvm games trash
  4. Newsfeed

    It’s harder than you think to get your smartphone stolen in South Africa

    It’s harder than you think to get your smartphone stolen in South Africa If there’s one thing you can count on in South Africa, it’s that if you need something stolen, you don’t have to try hard to make it happen, right?
  5. Z

    Gadget Review YouTube Channel with Giveaways

    Good day All, I have been importing for over 10 years and would like to share the wisdom I have learnt. The aim is to also start a YouTube channel in SA, review gadgets, giveaway free stuff, Coupons for items available on GearBest and teach people how to import into SA and I can import for them...
  6. Ryansr

    New movie trailer

    I've just done and come across this brilliant movie on YouTube and the best part is that it's all based on the current moral issues in modern society. Be careful it might even be NSFW. :)
  7. genetic

    SA astronomers discover first known stars in Milky Way's flared disk

    More here: