1. S

    Sanet driving lessons scammer in Port Elizabeth

    So I made an account on this website to post this because I don't use Facebook or any other social media like that, but I believe its important to let other people who are looking for driving lessons online know to avoid this person. I saw her blue Kia Picanto with big text on the back saying...
  2. W

    Legal Query: Company wont pay refund

    My husband and I recently needed to send a small load from Jhb to CT. It was an urgent delivery as it had to be in Cape Town no later than 29 July. Most removal companies were fully booked and could not assist us by this date. I finally found a company who agreed to collect on Thurs 21July...
  3. Zenbaas

    Photography Online Scammers

    So while looking for some good special on lenses I came across these guys --> which led to this Then when looking further I saw they like using the words "Nikon deluxe accessory kit" in a lot of their ads which I've never really seen used too often...