1. RazedInBlack

    Battlestar Galactica Reboot

    Battlestar Galactica Reboot Already Has One Great Thing Going For It Peacock is working on a Battlestar Galactica reboot and a strange idea for its episode release strategy might be its new biggest strength. Peacock is planning a Battlestar Galactica reboot with a unique release strategy that...
  2. Readsalot

    LitRPG Books Thread

    Anybody else into LitRPG? I discovered it recently and it's ticking all the right boxes for me. Doesn't matter if you're into gaming, fantasy, sci-fi or even anime, there's something for everyone. Two series I would recommend: The Awaken Online series by Travis Bagwell (only 2 books so...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    South African short film wins international Sci-Fi award

    South African short film wins international Sci-Fi award Tears in the Rain – the locally shot short film – has picked up one of the major awards from the SciFi Underground Film Fest which took place in Munich recently.
  4. H

    Downloading Audiobooks

    So where I can download/buy audiobooks? I listen to books in the traffic - it makes the commute from Centurion to Joburg a pleasure, but I need more books - preferably hard sci-fi. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. NeonNinja

    Movies to exercise your mind

    Just watched Now You See Me, was engaged throughout, was analysing stuff, thinking a lot. Recent ones I've also watched was The Score, The Man From Earth, and Inside Man. Any more suggestions? P.S I've watched Primer.
  6. B

    Continuum - promising new sci-fi series

    Continuum Watched the first episode, looks pretty cool for those who like shows like Fringe (although I wish they wouldn't dumb it down so much all the time) and similar. Man I want her outfit, OK that sounds weird, watch the show and you will agree. Lets hope its not a Tera Nova debacle...
  7. LazyLion

    25 hottest Upcoming sci-fi Movie trailers! I hope some of these are at least good. :p
  8. LazyLion

    Stargate Universe Hmmm, some hotties there... but is there a story line?
  9. LazyLion

    Creators of "Lost" to make new sci-fi series! reports... I just hope they manage to wrap up Lost properly! I am not getting into any new show until this one is all answered and all the mysteries revealed! ;)