screen damage

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    Dell screen replacement?

    Howzit guys Anybody know of any laptop repair shops in rondebosch that are not too pricey? Just dropped my laptop and lcd is buggered. Thanks in advance.
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    Replacing Samsung S3 screen

    Hello. Since the S6 is actually an iPhone, I'm going to same some money and just keep my S3 for another year, or wait for the Lg G4... But my S3 only has 99.98% of the original glass left on the screen, and you can barely see the small scratch with the amount of cracks on the screen. What is...
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    Approximately how much would it cost me to fix a Toshiba laptop screen?

    It has 5 black spots on it, which are slowly growing. They appeared after I accidentally hit the screen. The laptop is a Satellite C650 I got it in 2011 still works smoothly. The screen size is 15.6"
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    Nexus 7 Screen damage

    Hey guys, I'm a new owner of the Asus Nexus 7 2013. I have an issue with it as it is looking as if its showing LCD damage. If I turn the screen off and on, it comes right after a while, but only some times Uploading the images is just failing constantly Thanks!