Dell screen replacement?

Feb 14, 2014
Howzit guys

Anybody know of any laptop repair shops in rondebosch that are not too pricey?
Just dropped my laptop and lcd is buggered.

Thanks in advance.

Philip Foglar

Active Member
Mar 27, 2008
Middle of last year my Dell N5110 15" notebook's screen failed, literally a few months out of warranty, and after making some enquiries I was eventually referred to Complete-IT in Edgemead. Paid around R1600 for the new screen and labour. Their workmanship seems good and so does their pricing. But unluckily I had to take the notebook back to them twice because of issues with the newly fitted screens. The first screen had a bright spot on the screen from a brighter than normal cluster of pixels. The second screen had a bright green stuck pixel. But I had no trouble with them replacing those screens until finally I was happy with the one fitted which is still working flawlessly. Hope this helps.