sea point

  1. THEfonz

    Octotel Fibre Fresnaye phase 1 completion date?

    Hi Guys So does anyone have any inside info on when this area will go live? According to the Octotel Website, it should be within October. According to the the lady i spoke to on the phone, by end of October. i can see the Fibre installation into my complex and to the node within the...
  2. R

    What are the best deals around for fibre in Cape Town right now? June 2017?

    I want to get fibre installed, what are the best un-capped deals around at the moment? June/July 2017? Also is there anything to be careful of or to avoid?
  3. D

    My experience getting gigabit fibre with Octotel and Vanilla

    Hi all, before I got my fibre I found it quite tricky to find the information I wanted about the process, speeds, etc on getting Octotel fibre, specifically the gigabit package. Now that I have it, I want to share the information with the forum just in case there are any others like me out there...
  4. D

    VDSL in Sea Point, Cape Town

    Hi everyone, I'm just trying to see if anyone has successfully managed to get VDSL in Sea Point - Cape Town yet? They say its available and I applied 2 weeks ago but so far nothing. I live about 1.5 km's away from the exchange and have very good noise/attenuation rates on my current ADSL so I...
  5. I

    Slow speeds in Sea Point

    Hi, Does anyone else have slow speeds on the 021 433 exchange (Sea Point) during peak hours? Thanks!
  6. D

    Very slow ADSL speed for past few days

    Has anyone else been experiencing seriously slow ADSL speeds for the past couple of days ONLY? I've had a perfectly stable line for the forseeable past, but suddenly over the past two days, using both WebAfrica and GConnect accounts, my 1Mbps line has been running at about half speed average...