1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Seacom now offering enterprise LEO satellite connectivity

    Seacom now offering enterprise LEO satellite connectivity Submarine cable network operator and managed connectivity service provider Seacom has launched a low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite service for its enterprise clients in South Africa. The company said the service marked an "evolutionary"...
  2. Jan

    Seacom confirms "cyber security incident" in hosting environment

    Seacom hit by cyber attack Two separate Seacom business customers have told MyBroadband that their services have been offline since Wednesday morning without any communication from the company. MyBroadband contacted Seacom for comment, after which it issued a statement confirming a “cyber...
  3. Jan

    Seacom launches on Equiano

    Seacom buys bandwidth on Google's massive undersea cable Seacom has launched services on the Google-owned Equiano undersea cable, promising private lines with latencies of 110 milliseconds between South Africa and Europe. The company says this is the fastest direct route between the continents.
  4. Jan

    Oliver Fortuin resigns as Seacom CEO

    Seacom CEO resigns Seacom Group CEO Oliver Fortuin has resigned, the company announced on Thursday. The company said Fortuin will serve in his position until June to support the Seacom board and participate in the process to announce his successor.
  5. Jan

    Seacom says FTTx outage today was caused by faults and breaks on DFA (14 February 2023)

    Seacom explains Internet outage Seacom has confirmed that customers in parts of Gauteng experienced an Internet outage on Tuesday due to fault fibre breaks on Dark Fibre Africa’s network. “The Internet outage in some parts of Gauteng today is not as a result of the Seacom subsea cable or the...
  6. Jan

    A brief history of Africa's 30-year communications revolution

    Africa's three decades-long communications revolution and South Africa's contribution to making it happen — an outsider's view Mobile operations started in Sub-Saharan Africa before South Africa licensed three new operators but the level of investment interest in communications was very low...
  7. Jan

    Services to protect websites against DDoS attacks - including South African providers

    Security products to protect websites against DDoS attacks It is critical for South Africans to protect their sites against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to prevent the loss of meaningful traffic on their websites. DDoS attacks on South African websites and applications have...
  8. Jan

    Why Google and Facebook are building big undersea cables to South Africa

    International fibre bandwidth explosion in South Africa Submarine fibre cable systems landing in South Africa will help improve Internet capacity in the country while letting the big players behind them get more customers onto their apps or ecosystems. This is according to BluNOVA CEO Suveer...
  9. Jan

    Vumatel, DFA parent company makes first profit

    Vumatel parent company turns profitable Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa parent company Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) has turned profitable, Remgro reported in its 2022 annual financial results released Tuesday. Vumatel and DFA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of CIVH, while Remgro...
  10. Jan

    Seacom and Broadband Infraco announce partnership

    Seacom joins forces with Broadband Infraco to boost SA government connectivity Seacom and Broadband Infraco (BBI) have teamed up in a move intended to improve available long-distance network infrastructure for government entities in South Africa. The partnership will see Seacom expand its...
  11. Tim_vb

    Seacom Business - Frequent connection drops

    Is anyone else experiencing connection dropping for a few minutes every hour or two on Seacom Business (Sandton area)? Just moved to a now office and this has been ongoing for a few days now.
  12. Jan

    Seacom has incurred huge losses and its book value has plunged

    Multi-million rand losses and nosediving book value at Seacom analysed Seacom has incurred large annual losses, and its valuation has plummeted since it was launched in 2009, but the company said there is more to its finances than profits and valuations. Seacom was launched in 2009 and was...
  13. Jan

    Seacom's R145 million Hymax deal CompCom-approved

    Competition Commission approves Seacom's R145 million deal to buy Hymax from EOH The Competition Commission has approved Seacom's proposed transaction to acquire Hymax from EOH without conditions. It noted that Seacom South Africa is not controlled by any of its shareholders and is active at...
  14. Jan

    Suveer Ramdhani's journey from Seacom to BluNOVA - and his tech choices

    Suveer Ramdhani — From building Seacom to creating a new AI engine Former Seacom executive Suveer Ramdhani is one of South Africa's unsung heroes who played a pivotal role in making uncapped broadband possible. Ramdhani's professional journey started at Eskom as a project manager after...
  15. Jan

    EOH selling Network Solutions and Hymax to Seacom for R145 million

    Seacom buying Network Solutions and Hymax for R145 million EOH has announced that it concluded agreements to divest from its Network Solutions business and sell the entire issued share capital of Hymax to Seacom for R144.9 million. The company said the transaction’s proceeds would mainly be...
  16. Jan

    SEACOM profit plummets 77%

    SEACOM is suffering SEACOM's profit plummeted by 77% because of increased operational costs and unfavourable unrealised forex losses. Remgro revealed details about SEACOM's poor financial performance in its interim results for the six months ended 31 December 2021. Remgro owns a 30% stake in...
  17. Jan

    Seacom announces 100 Gig Ethernet upgrade

    Seacom upgrades IP network with 100Gbps Ethernet Seacom has upgraded IP transit services on its network with 100Gbps Ethernet technology.
  18. Hanno Labuschagne

    Impressive turnaround for Seacom

    Impressive turnaround for Seacom Remgro released its financial results for the year ended 30 June 2021, which revealed that Seacom improved its headline earnings by 360% over the last year. Seacom is best known for launching Africa’s first broadband submarine cable system along the continent’s...
  19. W

    Wondernet Youtube peformance?

    Anyone here using Wondernet (Seacom, Macrolan)? After upgrading to 1000/100mbps I started streaming Youtube in 4k since I have a ridiculous speed for 1 user. Since then (quite a few weeks) there are times (usually around 7pm) where they have trouble giving a smooth stream. I have seen 1080p...
  20. J

    New top management at Seacom

    New top management at Seacom Seacom has recently announced that Prenesh Padayachee has been appointed as the company’s new Group Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Padayachee is a South African telecoms veteran who was previously served as Internet Solutions’ CTO and Telkom Openserve’s chief sales...