second life

  1. N

    Secondlife + making money?

    Good day all, I have been using the game Secondlife for a few years now doing scripting in the system for business owners in the virtual world. So I thought I would see what you all thought about it and who has tried making money out of it. Personally I have gotten to a point of making a...
  2. Foxhound5366

    What are your thoughts about Second Life (online open-world sim)?

    Ok, so I ran a search for this and couldn't find any threads, which I find hard to believe because Second Life is so old. However, for anybody who's not familiar with it, here's the thumbnail sketch: Entry point: You end up downloading the Second Life client to your...
  3. jes

    Intelligence agencies NSA and GCHQ spying on video gamers

    NSA, GCHQ spying on video gamers Reports say British and American intelligence officers have been spying on gamers across the world
  4. rpm

    Google lets people create custom virtual realms

    Google lets people create custom virtual realms
  5. K

    3D Chat Programs

    Anyone chat in Second Life / ? It's almost like WoW, but no Items/Leveling up. (Although you can ride cars / hoverboards) What do you use for 3D Chatting?