Secondlife + making money?


New Member
Feb 22, 2005
Good day all,

I have been using the game Secondlife for a few years now doing scripting in the system for business owners in the virtual world. So I thought I would see what you all thought about it and who has tried making money out of it. Personally I have gotten to a point of making a proper income... more than I make with freelance web development.

This is not a way to make money quickly or easy, it takes work and time to learn how it all works. So personally I found it being a big learning curve to get started in the system, I have made friends on there that does 3d modeling of products, character animations, texturing and clothing for avatars in SL, some making more then R30 000 a month and working from home. Unfortunately it's alot like real life where you have to get to know people and market your products and ideas and does cost money to import products into the system.

Hopefully more South Africans would be able to join the system as there are people all over the world on there and can make international contacts

So please remember you won't be jumping in and just making money, most people on there use it to spend their time and meet others and explore.