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    ShopCreatify joins Realm Digital

    ShopCreatify has joined South African software development and consulting company, Realm Digital. The newly formed partnership will see Realm Digital further solidifying its impact in the eCommerce sector. ShopCreatify design, build and customize performance Shopify stores, with a particular...
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    Connecting Shopify To Axxess Domain

    How do i go about connecting my shopify store with my Axxess Domain? I previously had a site built and the guy created the domain under Axxess hosting, but the site he built was absolutely terrible and I thus decided to create my own shopify site. I need help with connecting the current shopify...
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    Using either Payfast or Paygate for my Shopify store. Got any tips?

    I'm starting an online store using Shopify. I want use Paygate or Payfast as my payment gateway, but I've read a lot of negative reviews about them, especially on Hellopeter. The problem is that is information is outdated by almost a decade. Is there anyone who uses them or who has used them...
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    Shopify plummets after Citron calls it a "get-rich-quick" scheme

    Shopify plummets after Citron calls it a "get-rich-quick" scheme Shopify Inc. tumbled the most ever after Citron Research said it was shorting the stock.
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    Instagram shopping growing with Shopify

    Instagram shopping growing with Shopify Shopify will roll out Shopping on Instagram to thousands of merchants before the 2017 holiday season.
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    E-Commerce Site

    Hi myBBers A quick question. I'm a freelance web developer. I have a start up that I'm creating, and looking to order a hosting account to link to shopify. How many mySQL databases does a startup e-commerce site need? Thanks in advance :).