1. A

    Telkom Mobile false contract advertising

    I recently signed a telkom mobile sim only contract month to month which included 1gb of data as advertised in their website (porting my number). After signing the deal, I didn't receive my 1gb of data and subsequently complained, got a case number and was told that it was an error on their...
  2. Azimuth

    Warning for all new SmartPlan contracts

    1. Advertisements state free CLIP but I was charged. 2. There's supposed to be free SIM and connection but I was charged "Wireless Activation Fee OC - R400.00". 3. The pro-data system is split over 2 components, which doesn't help. This was never disclosed to me or I would have simply gone...
  3. Azimuth

    Report broken / under-performing TM WiFi hotspots here

    1. Telkom Mobile Clearwater Mall. It's turned off and has been that way for 2 weeks according to staff. Well that's pretty useless isn't it....? 2. House of Coffees at the food court in Clearwater Mall. Shoddy pings, bad speeds and frequent disconnects. 3G speed test renders the...