sony bravia

  1. Jan

    Sony Bravia TV range 2015 revamp

    Sony Bravia TV revamp for 2015 Joining LG and Samsung, Sony has announced its revamped line of television for 2015.
  2. B

    UnoTelly+ Sony Bravia...won't connect to online services

    I signed up for UnoTelly subscription, and it works like a charm on my PC...I'm able to stream Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, etc without any issues. My Sony Bravia downloaded the latest software update (or perhaps its the North American version) which includes NHL, Hulu Plus, and NetFlix along with...
  3. jes

    Sony extended warranty announced for South Africa

    Sony extended warranty announced for South Africa Sony unveiled extended warranties on certain consumer electronics products sold in South Africa
  4. B

    Help me connect my PS3 + Sony Bravia TV + Samsung Smart TV to the internet

    Here's the problem: About a month ago I got Telkom 384k ADSL which is sufficient for me because I really just use it as a stable internet connection, and for the occasional download. My computer is upstairs so I used a wifi adapter, and managed to connect to the internet without much of a...
  5. M

    USB video playback on Sony Bravia v550

    I have a Sony Bravia KLV-40V550A. It has a usb port and all the manual says about video playback is this : "USB playback is supported for the following video file format: – MPEG1 (files with the extension “.mpg”)" Has anyone been able to playback video which is not of the format mpeg1 and...
  6. A

    Sony V550 40" Display Help

    Coonected my PC via HDMI cable to Sony, but it doesn't fill the whole screen. Black border all around, zoom etc doesn't help, as part of the display goes off, what is the correct settings for this TV please?
  7. E

    Second Valentine Gift ideas from Esquire

    Hi All Today has been a really memorable day as we sold 548 units of the Esquire Car Mp3 Modulators in the five hours of trade , this has been our highest sales on a single product for one day trading, we still have 450 units left from the shipment of 1000 units that arrived on Friday As...
  8. S

    DVI to HDMI audio problem

    Hi could anyone please help... With my Gigabyte 6600GT I used a DVI to HDMI cable to connect my PC to my Sony Bravia KLV-32S310. And for the audio I used a mini-pluggie to RCA cable to connect from my Soundblaster soundcard. In the Sony's manual they say to use the HDMI2, because the HDMI2...