space exploration

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    NASA honours Japie van Zyl by renaming Mars flight location after him

    NASA honours Japie van Zyl by renaming Mars flight location after him NASA has honoured Stellenbosch University alumnus and former solar system exploration director Japie van Zyl by naming the location of its upcoming Ingenuity Mars Helicopter's flight after him. Van Zyl was born in Outjo...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    China's space programme growing

    China to launch moon orbiter China will launch its first recoverable moon orbiter later this year, the government has announced
  3. jes

    NASA tests new Mars Rover prototype

    NASA tests new Mars Rover prototype NASA scientists are testing a prototype of a robot the US space agency hopes to send to Mars in 2020
  4. QuintonB

    Google execs take up space exploration investment

    Google executives invest in space exploration Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and co-founder Larry Page have teamed with other investors to back an ambitious space exploration and natural resources venture
  5. carstensdj

    Evidence of Lakes on Europa Not sure if there is a thread on this already, but couldn't find one so here goes...
  6. Derrick

    Is China getting better at space exploration than the USA?

    The Chinese government broke ground on a new space launch pad in the southern island province of Hainan today (Monday) six years after it sent its first man into space. The Hainan center, located near the town of Wenchang, slated to go into use in 2013, is located at a latitude of close to 19...
  7. Derrick

    Space exploration key to mankind’s survival

    From AFP: Mankind’s very survival depends on the future exploration of space, said NASA chief Michael Griffin in an interview with AFP marking the 50th anniversary of the US space agency. This journey, said the veteran physicist and aerospace engineer, is full of unknowns and has only just...