stolen cellphone

  1. S

    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    Hi guys, Bought an iPhone 7 Plus from a mutual friend, someone who I trust(ed) to not sell me stolen goods. Phone came all neat in the box, all accessories there, serial checked out fine and there’s no issues with iCloud. He even showed me the proof of purchase slip (1 yr old phone, for the...
  2. S

    Stolen phone tracking - advice needed

    Hi guys My wife had her phone stolen from her bag while we were shopping at Clearwater Mall this afternoon. I tried calling the number but it had already been turned off. I then had the sim locked immediately until I could confirm that the samsung tracking account was functional and Nashua...
  3. S

    iPhone Just Stolen - Phone is off

    My wife's iPhone was just stolen from her office at work. :mad: The phone is already off and can't get a location using "find my phone" app. Fortunately the phone is insured but that doesn't take away from the fact that someone was callous enough to steal! Any guidance or idea's on what...
  4. akescpt

    checking if potential phone is stolen

    there is a phone im interested in buying but the guy got it as a gift. how do i go about checking if it is stolen or not. although he has the box and all accessories as well. does having all these things mean its not stolen? :(:confused:. your input would be appreciated. i've heard u can call...
  5. D

    Don't block your stolen cellphone

    That's 6700 phones reported stolen every month.