1. Creag

    SuperSport Website - The New Look

    The new look SuperSport website ... My thoughts, and not that it matters any, it feels a little too busy and somewhat cluttered. Almost like they were trying to get to much one the homepage? Results - this is an important feature for me and took a wee bit to...
  2. T

    Multichoice will not license SuperSport content to Top TV

    MultiChoice does not initially intend to licence SuperSport content to incoming competitor Multichoice will not license SuperSport content to Top TV
  3. P

    SuperSport Job

    Hey Guys, while browsing supersport i came across this "web developer needed" ad. So I took a look. Do they really think they can seriously find one person with all those skills? Some of the skills they are looking for are: Did they just google and pull all the names they could find...

    SuperSport Forgets 'R'

    In which is propably the funniest typo on TV in a long time, SuperSport involuntarily insulted all 'player23's' by refering to 'Springbok Scrum Power' in an on-screen graphic during highlights of the game as 'Springbok Scum Power'!
  5. rpm

    Supersport record

    Supersport record