1. RedViking

    Tabs - How do you manage it?

    When working on projects or various things at once, I end up with a 100 open tabs in my browser, and folders in explorer etc. Do you use any tools to group and manage related tabs and folders on windows? Windows Task View Desktops I guess is one solution. But maybe there are more customizable...
  2. RedViking

    Chrome Pinned Tabs Disappearing

    I like using 'Pinned Tabs' in Chrome. But sometimes when I close Chrome and I open it again the Pin Tabs will be gone/closed. So I have to re-Pin everything. I have to be very careful the way I close Chrome. This is getting flippen annoying. Anyone else experiencing the same issue and is...
  3. J

    Analysts see bright future for tablet development

    Tablet future: “flexible and foldable” Analysts and industry insiders express ambitious future of tablets
  4. LazyLion

    Thunderbird 3.0 released! Local link to follow....
  5. T

    How to stop Opera closing with multiple tabs open?

    I know Firefox has a feature that asks you if you wan to close it if you have multiple tabs open and click the X. But Opera is my main browser and every know and then I accidently click the main window X instead of the tab X. This gets irratating when you have like 10 tabs or somethinbg open...