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  1. Anthro

    Anthro's Experience "Fibre through WebAfrica - Telkom FTTH"

    [Placeholder] I ordered Fibre through WA today 10Mbps Fibre Home: 40GB + 1000GB package. :whistle: It is asynchronous though 10/1 but we'll see how things turn out !
  2. D

    WebAfrica 20Mbit/s 120GB + 1000GB on Telkom FTTH, A Review 1 Month in.

    Hi guys, This is basically an extension of my previous thread which can be found <--- here. So, right off the bat it took just a little over a month to install. *Note: I mainly do gaming, game updates...
  3. H

    Telkom FTTH - La Lucia - Modem

    Hi all, Can someone please advice which modem Telkom will install with the fibre connection. They currently doing the "aerial fibre" way down my street. 2 fibre lines for one street, lol. not sure why, as our street is a dead end. The installation team said they will be completed in about 6...
  4. W

    Fibre Centurion

    Hello Does anyone know how long it takes for FTTH Planned area to take effect? It has been on planned status for 6 months plus on there coverage map.
  5. J

    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    Hi everyone. To check current FTTH coverage in PE please visit either: or If you currently have FTTH in PE, could you please send speedtest screenshots and possible pings to local servers in Cape Town/JHB/DBN...