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    ASOD ticket

    I recently started driving the Sir Lowry's Pass on a daily basis. I don't really have a problem with driving the speed-limit but has anybody ever actually received a ticket from such a system in the Western Cape? - especially Sir Lowry's one?
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    Man finds 19-year-old plane ticket under his bed - and he's still allowed to use it

    Man finds 19-year-old plane ticket under his bed - and he's still allowed to use it
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    Would-be 'fare-dodger gets penis stuck in ticket barriers' at London tube station

    Would-be 'fare-dodger gets penis stuck in ticket barriers' at London tube station
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    FNB credit card travel insurance - sponsored ticket

    Can anybody please assist? I am travelling overseas in the next few months. My ticket was sponsored, therefor no payments with my credit card. Will I be able to qualify for FNB credit card travel insurance? Thank you
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    Traffic Register Certificate -> Traffic Fine

    So on Saturday I was given infringement notice for not having with me the original Traffic Register Certificate (seeing that I'm a foreigner here) R1250 fine, or R500 if I go to the JMPD offices and present the documents. For now waiting to see if it will show up on the system, and most...
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    traffic fine Court Order

    Hi,got caught doing 119km in a 60 zone in Nov 2015 in the krugersdorp area,received fine Feb 2016, no fine amount,no court date, what do i do in a situation like this? The car is registered under a family members business,plz advise ive never had a situation like this Thanks
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    Tracking your Telkom's SmartBroadband Uncapped order

    Hi Anyone who's successfully applied for the Telkom SmartBroadband uncapped deal, will know that you get e-mailed a Ticket number to follow up on your order status... Unfortunately the E-mail does not describe how to go about following up on this ticket number, and when trying to input the...
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    Eminem Jhb - Seated tix - R 400 each

    Item: Eminem Jhb - Seated tix - R 400 each Age: Warranty: Packaging: Condition: Excellent Location: Jhb Reason: Not able to attend Shipping: Possible but for the buyers cost Collection: Sure Price: R400.00 each (face value) Tickets are Block 51 North Upper

    Cancelling Kulula Tickets

    I was going to fly to Cape Town tomorrow 6am from Lanseria airport but something came up that prevents me from going. I need to know ASAP if there is any way possible to refund flight tickets. The Kulula hotline only works until 7pm. I need to know if I should give my ticket to someone else or...
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    One rAge Ticket available

    i usually buy tickets for all my friends that are going to rAge, one of them just told me he rather go some afrikaans music fest... so now i have one extra ticket, anyone wanna take it off my hands? pm, me n we will make a plan
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    CSA respond to poor crowds

    CSA respond to poor crowds 2009-11-23 12:11 Email | Print Gerald Majola (File) Johannesburg - Cricket South Africa have appointed IFM Sports Marketing Surveys South Africa to look at possible reasons behind poor attendances at the opening International matches against England. Bidvest...
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    Free rAge ticket!

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    Man ticketed for wearing speedo on beach

    More... :rolleyes: