1. Kevin Lancaster

    When is it acceptable not to give a tip?

    Is it acceptable to only tip a waiter when you receive good service, or must you tip them by default? For example: If you receive bad service, do you tip 10%, and when you receive good service do you tip 20%? Or do you tip a standard amount for good service, and then tip nothing for poor...
  2. P

    In, out, In, out, shake it all about..

    While I'm giving these nice tips on Web development. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to test a logged in version of your website together with a logged out version in the same browser. But you can't really be logged in in the one window and out in the other, so what I do is, I open the...
  3. N

    SANRAL name used fraudulently to obtain banking details

    SANRAL Fraud Hotline has detected a scam where an imposter represents themselves as SANRAL personnel and starts off by confirming the person’s personal details - including ID number, name and address. The SANRAL customer is then informed that SANRAL wants to reward them with a R1500.00 cash back...
  4. antowan

    Gas regulator rubber pol. Where to buy in Pretoria East?

    Elo I have a gas regulator for a gas heater that has a black rubber tip or rubber pol as it is known that needs replacement before I use the heater again. Anybody know where I can buy it in Pretoria East or surrounds? I left it disconnected since last winter and for some reason these things...