touch screens

  1. Jamie McKane

    Why touch screens in vehicles are a bad idea

    Why touch screens in vehicles are a bad idea Two years ago, 10 sailors died when the U.S. Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with a chemical tanker off Singapore. An investigation has determined that insufficient training and inadequate operating procedures were to...
  2. H

    Touch Screen Problem - Solution

    I have the iPhone 6plus and it had an issue where the screen will be one non-responsive. Researching it on the net, I found out it is a recall problem with iPhone 6plus. iStore charges a small fortune to repair it. Took it to a local repair guy (reputable) who was recommended by friends - had it...
  3. dablakmark8

    touch screen monitors

    I googled so i did my to part 2 Guys tell me is there a visual difference of a touchscreen monitor and a normal one. Is there pros and cons to having a touch screen monitor for my pc instead of a normal one...lcd ones i am talking about.:confused: I am sure my son will have a ball...