1. Doom5003

    TPLINK M7350 Mobile Router

    Item: TPLINK M7350 Age: Bought September 2020 Price: R800 Warranty: Remainder of 2 years with takealot Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Great, good as new Location: Upington Reason: Not needed Shipping: Risk and cost on you (add R100 for TCG) Collection: Sure Link:
  2. Tim_vb

    [Sale] TP-Link Deco E4 AC1200 router (sold)

    SOLD Description: 1 x TP-Link Deco E4 AC1200 mesh router - this is best paired with one or more TP-Link Deco routers as part of a mesh network. Its compatible most of the Deco range Age and condition: New in original wrap Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: yes via takalot Reason for...
  3. Mjc65

    Cloud Camera Issue

    Hi guys, bit of an issue, a Techie updated the firmware for a TP-Link NC200 Cloud Camera, after the upgrade i cant reset or connect to the unit via wireless or wired, tried all the TP-Link tools, no IP is assigned, anyway of getting into it at all? Thanks
  4. J

    Need help setting up Qos on TP-link ADSL2+ Router

    Hello I a share a ADSL line with someone and my 4Mbps line is realy slow, I think he is downloading movies or watching porn or doing online gaming. I am trying to set a priority for http and https on all network ports of my tplink router, I know that it can be done using QoS i just dont know...
  5. S

    Router/Modem change - Is it worth it?

    Hey guys, I'm currently running my 8ta Internet 5 on a Huawei E220 along with a DLink DIR-451 router to my PC and Xbox. Basically this is my internet solution at home. Now, in an attempt to get better speeds, both internet and wifi network, I am contemplating selling off my DIR-451 and...