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traffic splitting

  1. I

    Ubuntu as Router setup help needed

    Hi all, I know this is a hot topic and I have read most of the posts. It helped a lot but I still have a few issue. Below is my setup and what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a Ubuntu 10.042 box with 2 network cards. a Linksys WAG120N ADSL modem (4 port with wireless). I want to have all...
  2. T

    Best Router for Traffic Spltting?

    Greetings All. I am looking at purchasing a wireless N router. I currently have a billion 7300RA, non-wireless unit. I am looking to do traffic splitting on the router aswell. Please let me know if I can just add to my current config and or if I need to replace it completely and or...
  3. P

    All-in-one solutions for 802.11n WiFi, 1Gbps LAN & PPTP VPN clients with routing?

    Hi, I'm looking for an all-in-one solution for a cheapish price that can do the following: ADSL modem 802.11n WiFi AP Gigabit LAN (at least 4) Multiple PPTP VPN & PPPoE outgoing/client connections Static routing for traffic splitting Currently I'm considering to get the following...
  4. M

    Can't connect to router wirelessly because RouteSentry Active(Router in bridge mode)

    My problem is that I can't connect to my router wirelessly because it is in bridge mode since I'm using Route Sentry. I have a spare wired router and I'm thinking of this setup to help me out. > Wired router in bridge mode > Wireless router in PPPoE mode > ADSL line to wired router > Wired...
  5. P

    Methods for running uTorrent on local-only account

    There are many people out there looking for a solution on how to run uTorrent in the background, using only local cap, whilst allowing other applications to use international (and/or local) cap. Using RouteSentry or any other form of traffic splitting works well in most cases, although as soon...
  6. D

    New application to split local and international traffic - now on Telkom Router

    Hey all, I've written a script to split traffic between local only and international connections on a Telkom duoPlus 300WR router. Works like a charm :) I've also created a site to host such applications. Obviously my script is on there. If you've written a similar script for a...
  7. P

    Testbunnies required for my app similar to RouteSentry

    Traffic Splitter app (like RouteSentry) I've written an application (in C# Express 2008) to split traffic for Windows users, which works much like RouteSentry. It works on Windows XP SP2 and newer versions of Windows, including Windows 7 x64. My aim was to create something like RouteSentry, but...
  8. C

    Route Sentry & VOX ADSL phone

    So I downloaded Route sentry and decided to test it with my Vox ADSL phone. I'm using windows 2000 so I had to download RASPPPOE to establish ppp through ethernet connections. I created a connection called local and a connection called international. Now heres the part that was worrying me...