1. P

    Ubiquiti airMAX - AC LiteBeam Gen2 Radio

    Item: Ubiquiti airMAX - AC LiteBeam Gen2 Radio with wall mount and POE injector. Age: 1 year Price: R600 Packaging: Box Condition: Excellent Location: Durban Shipping: Yes, at your cost Collection: Y Links: https://scoop.co.za/ubiquiti-5ghz-airmax-litebeam-ac-gen2-23dbi-cpe-lbe-5ac-gen2.html...
  2. RonSwanson

    Unifi controller -- excessive CPU utilisation

    I'm running a Unifi controller on Ubuntu and last night upgraded from Unifi 6.0x to 6.1.71. I have noticed a significant increase in CPU utilisation, the vast majority of it seems to be Unifi processes. Anyone experience the same?
  3. A

    Ubiquiti Amplifi HD + mesh point

    Item: Ubiquiti Amplifi HD + mesh point (single) Age: 2 years Price: 3500 Packaging: Yes, original packaging Condition: Excellent Location: Sandton/JHB Reason: upgrade Shipping: Potentially, with escrow service Collection: yes
  4. P

    How to use Ubiquiti outdoor ethernet surge protection indoors

    I've had a few lightning strikes of late. I have surge protection on the electrical plugs but not the network cables, some of which are in the roof. I want to protect my Ubiquiti network equipment by installing network surge protection on the smaller switches in the outer buildings first. I'd...
  5. Nimz

    Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant

    Item: Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant Age: Less than a month old Price: R2000 Warranty: Remainder of 12 months (Have invoice) Packaging: Yes, original Box Condition: Excellent - Like new Location: Durban Reason: Need more coverage - going back to UniFi Shipping: On you, your risk Collection: Sure, why...
  6. Anthro

    Ubiquiti AirCube AC WiFi Router | ACB-AC VLAN on WAN Support ?

    Hello Everyone. My Fibre connection from Cybersmart Lightspeed uses VLAN on the WAN connection, anyone that can comment on the ACB-AC ability to do this, or have one of these that can comment on the performance as a router ? https://scoop.co.za/ubiquiti-aircube-ac-wifi-router-acb-ac.html
  7. S

    Ubiquiti UniFi AP, AC LITE (sealed)

    Item: Ubiquiti UniFi AP, AC LITE Age: brand new Price: 1600 (cheaper than scoops dealer pricing!) Warranty: With senetic Packaging: yes Condition: sealed Location: Durban Reason: bought extra from senetic Shipping: On you, R87.00 Excl Vat using rush.co.za Collection: yes
  8. powermzii

    Router recommendations - Ubiquiti or Mikrotik

    Looking to upgrade from my hAP AC lite with something beefier that would be able to handle gigabit on the WAN once we get fibre. WiFi is managed separate from the router so device would specifically be for routing and firewall for the home LAN. Which of these 2 would you recommend and why...
  9. Z

    PowerBeam ISO 400 low throughput - not aligned

    Hello all Just deployed a PtP with PBE ISO Gen2's to send a 200/100 fibre internet connection over 500m with Complete clear LoS. *Currently installled with "point and shoot" installation (no proper alignment yet - need to get some scaffolds to reach the height) and I get the signal and...
  10. Z

    Line of sight connection

    Hi all Im looking to setup a line of site connection over 1km. Are there any legalities regarding this? Also please recommend Ubiquity installers in durban. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  11. CandyMan_ZA

    Ubiquiti and Dahua IP CCTV Issues

    I am reaching out to the MB community in the hopes that there is an expert out there who can assist me. I have tried contacting Dahua directly but had no response yet. The kit was recently purchased from TopCCTV, who are trying to resolve the issues but have not managed to do so yet. I am...
  12. under_sky

    Unifi Security Controller gateway

    Sorry for this might have been answered once before in the past but i have not been able to find anything on the web regarding this. I have a Ubiquiti network set up and the USG(Unfi Security gateway) has this feature that will constantly check your ping with a echo server ping.ubnt.com...
  13. M

    Cool Ideas\Octotel router

    Hi guys Just wondering what router they give you? Do you also have a Ubiquiti Unifi AP? I'm keen to hear your experiences pre and post Ubiquiti. Trying to determine if I really will need one.
  14. C

    Fibre direct to router - EdgeRouter X SFP

    Hi All, I've got vumatel at home with the standard RAYCORE CPE and a router after that. I was wondering if anyone has experience cutting the CPE out and running fibre direct to a router? (Like a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP or Mikrotik hAP AC or even just a pfsense box) My findings are as...
  15. D

    Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-Long Range AP

    Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise 802.11n Long Range AP Age: Purchased in August 2015 Condition: Great Packaging: No Warranty: No Shipping: Collection preferably but would consider shipping at your expense Asking R900 Reason for selling: Not utilized WhatsApp: 0813131991 Call/SMS...
  16. T

    Help me block access to certain sites / apps at different locations

    Hi all, I'm very much a networking beginner. :) I managed to bumble my way through setting up a wireless network on a game farm where internet is access through Vox Yahclick at the main lodge and distributed to two guest cottages (approx 300m away) using the following: Main lodge -...
  17. S

    Wireless Installer / Field Techncian

    Prominent Wireless ISP in Milnerton looking to employ a field technician. Essential Requirements: Mikrotik/Ubiquiti experience advantageous Data cabling experience Fiber Splicing/Installing experience advantageous Must not be afraid of heights Must be medically fit with no...
  18. mh348

    Point-to-Point, linking 2 buildings using Ubiquiti Nanostation loco M2

    I need to link 2 buildings, about 800m apart. Building 1 has an ADSL connection using a Routerboard RB750G, building 2 doesn't have any connection. I only require 1 point on building 2 that will be connected to a Raspberry Pi for Audio Streaming. Will a Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2 allow me...
  19. D

    New RADIUSdesk VM avaialble - Now with MESHdesk

    Hi, There is a new release of the RADIUSdesk VM available for download. RADIUSdesk have been around for some time now and already used internationally by many. MESHdesk on the other hand is brand new and we would really like more people to try it out and give some feedback...
  20. xera

    Ubiquiti, UniFi AP and EdgeRouter Lite

    Greetings I have been using a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND for my WiFi, and have been very unhappy with it's overall performance. I have installed continuous firmware updates, and recently several DD-WRT versions, but nothing seems to be able to keep it stable. Whether it's been on for a whole week, or...