uncapped lte

  1. M

    Telkom LTE constantly changing public IP addresses

    Just got out of a very frustrating chat with Telkom over something which has cropped up today on my Uncapped LTE and wondering if there's anybody else out there with Telkom's Uncapped LTE who has noticed the same thing. So what I've noticed is that my public IP address changes every few...
  2. D

    Internet Midrand

    Hi I have been battling to get any sort of internet in midrand I live at the cnr of 5th road I have tried telkom adsl to there uncapped lte I have tried wireless with no luck I'm looking for uncapped n willing to spend 800 can someone please help me
  3. niVoque

    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Hey guys. So this is my first post, but with all the flak that Telkom is getting from this deal I was hesitant to opt in to it, however I did because the line speeds are TERRIBLY poor in my current area (Mulbarton) I though I should provide you all with some facts and figures (which should...