1. NomNom

    New and upcoming hardware?

    Isn't there a site that anyone knows of that features new and upcoming hardware? I'm looking for a site that will tell me when and if there will be new keyboards, mice, headphones coming out ect. I've tried looking for one but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. :cry: Anyone know of one...
  2. D

    DarKWateR's most wanted upcoming Xbox games

    Well the title might seem "exclusive" to Xbox 360 orientated but it's basically just the list of games I'm looking forward to playing on my console so here goes... Fallout - New Vegas Not much as known about this title but if it's even close to Fallout 3 I'm sold. According to the developers...
  3. P

    Upcoming HTC Touch XD to make the HD look 'pale' in comparison

    Maybe this has been posted before, but anyway, rumours of the upcoming Touch XD (eXcellent Device): http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=1292 Maybe they can employ Sharp corporation's excellent 1024by480 dual touch Aqous screen technology in the bugger.