1. C

    Tracking of WIFI Network

    Does anyone know of software for tracking viber and whatsapp messages sent from mobile phone via WiFi network?
  2. jes

    Most popular mobile messaging apps in South Africa

    Most popular mobile messaging apps in South Africa WhatsApp vs Facebook vs Mxit vs BBM –Effective Measure’s South African Mobile Report reveals which mobile IM service is the most popular in South Africa
  3. M

    Help needed for technically challenged!

    Hi all - I am getting an upgrade for my BB and am totally confused with what's what in the zoo as far as phones are concerned. To make matters worse, I get told things by consultants that are definitely not true, they are obviously trying to 'upsell' me, so I can't rely on them anymore. Please...
  4. Jan

    How Vodacom, MTN can kill the value of mobile VoIP services

    How Vodacom, MTN can kill mobile VoIP A Skype call from your smartphone could cost you anything from R4.39 to R36.62 per minute if Vodacom and MTN wanted to.
  5. jes

    8 WhatsApp replacements

    8 WhatsApp alternatives Have a principle objection to Facebook? Or perhaps the campaign against third-party WhatsApp APIs is getting you down?
  6. Jan

    Facebook paying $42 per WhatsApp user "an expensive deal"

    WhatsApp $19 billion price tag questioned Many have balked at Facebook paying $42 per WhatsApp user, dwarfing its own $33 per user cost of acquiring Instagram.
  7. Jan

    Viber acquisition talks denied

    Viber sale talks denied The CEO of Viber has denied that it is in talks with an Asian instant messaging company about an acquisition.
  8. Jan

    Viber in acquisition talks for $300-$400 million deal: report

    Viber in acquisition talks: report Mobile instant messaging application Viber is in talks to be acquired by a “leading instant messaging company from Asia”, according to a report.
  9. M

    Whatsapp or similar on ipad?

    I'm looking for a way to easily share photos and videos from my android devices to my in-laws' ipads (they have data contracts on the ipads, not on their phones). Whatsapp only officially supports the iphone not the ipad. Can anyone recommend an IM client (with photo and video sharing) that...
  10. jes

    Messaging apps upend rivals with marketing might

    Messaging apps upend rivals with marketing might In the battle to become the global messaging app of choice, China’s WeChat and Japan-based Line have brought out some large marketing guns
  11. Jan

    Skype must register as a telecom operator: ARCEP

    Skype should register as a telco: French regulator France’s telecommunications regulator says Microsoft’s Skype service had not registered as an “electronic communications operator” as has been repeatedly requested
  12. jes

    Mobile instant messaging systems compared

    Mobile instant messaging systems compared WhatsApp, MXit, BlackBerry Messenger, Google+ Messenger, iMessage, Kik, Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Viber, fring, KakaoTalk, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and now ZiNG…