video on demand (vod)

  1. Kevin Lancaster

    Is using Netflix in South Africa piracy?

    Is using Netflix in SA piracy? While legal experts have warned of the copyright implications of using Netflix in South Africa, many take exception to it being called “piracy”
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    MultiChoice mum on Netflix coming to South Africa

    MultiChoice mum on Netflix coming to SA While other broadcasters and VOD providers have weighed in, MultiChoice has elected to remain silent on the news that Netflix has plans to expand to South Africa
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN FrontRow review

    MTN FrontRow video streaming review We took MTN’s new video on demand service for a spin during the holidays
  4. D

    VOD: VIDI, Altech Node, Netflix

    I can't seem to find a thread giving much detail of user experience with VIDI or Altech Node. I do not have Dstv and I just use Netflix on a PS3 for series and movies.
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Altech Node: video-on-demand for R299 p/m

    Altech Node: video-on-demand without broadband for R299 per month Altech has unveiled a satellite-based subscription video-on-demand service and home automation system for R299 per month
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Vidi vs DStv - the facts

    DStv vs Vidi: let’s get the facts straight The IDC recently issued a press release on the launch of South Africa’s first subscription streaming video service, but got a few details wrong
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    MultiChoice not blocking Netflix, video streaming in SA

    MultiChoice not blocking Netflix, video streaming in SA Comments from Times Media Group have confirmed earlier statements from MultiChoice that it is not preventing the launch of competing online video services in South Africa
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Vidi video streaming in SA: all the details

    Vidi video streaming in SA: all the details South Africa has just received its first official subscription-based video on-demand service: here are the details
  9. Jan

    Vidi ads name-drop movies, series for video on-demand service

    New SA video-on-demand service teases movies, series In full-page advertisements in the Sunday Papers, Vidi has promised to offer popular movies and series, including Breaking Bad.
  10. jes

    DStv BoxOffice app coming to Samsung Smart TVs

    DStv BoxOffice app heading to Samsung Smart TVs The DStv BoxOffice movie rental service from MultiChoice will soon be available on Samsung Smart TVs
  11. jes

    Telkom's video on-demand groundhog day

    Telkom's video on-demand groundhog day Telkom Group CEO Sipho Maseko recently revealed their plans to launch a so-called “triple-play” product, but talk like this is nothing new
  12. QuintonB

    The hunt for Africa's new Holy Grail of tech

    Beating piracy in Africa with better service Hunting Africa’s newest Holy Grail: a portable, affordable Internet and content device for the home