1. Prawnapple

    Our memory comes from an ancient virus, neuroscientists say

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  2. R

    email phishing and virus (CXmail/OleDl-BL)

    Anyone else had an increase of spam mail with following virus: CXmail/OleDl-BL (3) Emails seem to be coming from .gr,.br, .by domains We have 2 customers that we do the anti virus for, and both have received similar emails with the same virus today, Luckily Sophos has detected it when users...
  3. bromster

    Are you still getting paid during Lockdown? Are you at home on Leave?

    With all of the business world reeling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, are you still getting paid during lockdown? Are you working from home? Are you on leave? How certain are you about your job security? 2020 will certainly be one for the books. Poll is anonymous. You have 2 votes. One...
  4. RedViking

    Live Trackers & Statistics (COVID-19)

    (NB: No corona/COVID discussions or No news articles and press briefings. No Memes or Jokes. See examples below what you can post. Live Feeds and Trackers related ONLY. ) It is difficult to find links to the trackers getting lost between all the posts. Please post links to trackers , feeds...
  5. NeonNinja

    21 day lockdown. What is open? What is not?

    This PDF was posted in the South African Covid-19 thread. Theres's delivery services there, does this mean Takealot can still deliver?
  6. RedViking

    The Good News - Coronavirus

    We need some good stories that come out of this. Let's share some good stories; Things you have learned Things you appreciate. Things that changed for the better even in a difficult situation. Some encouragement If you feel like there is nothing good to say, go post in one of the other 100...
  7. NeonNinja

    Corona virus protection, precaution and spread curbing

    Anything useful, and potentially for our geographical location and locale as well.
  8. A

    Spyware from Openserve ONT virus was trying to infect PC from Openserve ONT. Check your PCs if you have Openserve fiber installed.
  9. mercurial

    New Pig Virus Could Potentially Jump To Humans And Animals

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  10. T

    Virus/Worm found and continues to spread.

    So I had a hard drive full of old music and there was malware on it that infected all the files and turned it into .mp3.exe. This is the Virustotal scan: So yeah. I scanned with Malwarebytes and quarantined it all but it just made more files. Which antivirus will remove this?
  11. Sirius

    NHS hospitals in England hit by widespread ransomware attack

    Several NHS hospitals don't have access to their IT systems and phone lines following the attack. WanaCrypt0r 2.0 in the wild..
  12. G

    SA teens as victims of CyberCrime

    I am doing my LO project on SA teens as victims of CyberCrime. Not much is known about this problem in SA at the moment, other than issues around cyberbullying. We know that with the proliferation of smartphones, more and more teens are becoming vulnerable to cybercrime. Could you please...
  13. G

    Survey: Sa teens as victims of cybercrime

    I am in matric and am doing my LO research project on whether SA teens are victims of CyberCrime. I have developed a survey using Google forms. Would it be possible for you to please pass this on to any teens that would be willing to complete the survey? There will be a lucky draw of 5GB mobile...
  14. Rickster

    Whats going on here myBB?

    Anyone else getting this alert?
  15. Y

    Telkom Mobile - Malware / Adware Question

    Hi, a few days my PC started randomly popping up an internet explorer session to a website called wartune r2games. MalwareBytes, and AdwCleaner did not remove this little thing. I decided to format given it's easy for me as all my data is structurally simple. A full format that is, so...
  16. B

    VIRUS CRYPTOWALL New variant?

    Hi All, Please check and see if this might be a new variant of the CryptoWall virus? Came in a ZIP folder as a JS. I broke this script with excessive spaces to paste it safely here: v a r llvT='fPugnBcTtwijoJnK ndolp(EfErX,c qfPnF,T zrBnq)Y{j C dvKarrY BwCso h=D HneenwR...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Seven easy steps to keep viruses from your devices

    Seven easy steps to keep viruses from your devices Anyone with a device has to be careful of attacks when using their computer, tablet, or mobile handset.
  18. M

    2 gig for sending a few emails WTF?

    Hi Guys, My wife has sent a few emails and surfed facebook for about 30 minutes. according to vodacom she just burned 2 gig? WTF is going on? we've had high data usage of late and can't find the problem. (I'm a media not technical guy so I'm probably overlooking an abvious solution) how do I...
  19. B

    Luhe.Fihe.AL threat.

    I have the AVG free anti virus version. Out of the blue, on trying to access Microsoft Word, all hell broke loose. AVG windows popped up warning me of the above threat linked to microsoft word. I closed all warning notices then ran AVG, scanning my entire computer. Before the scan was...
  20. R

    Windows 7 Error 1622

    Good day, One of my clients running Windows 7 Pro has been getting an error 1622 when trying to install certain programs. I had a issue with Microsoft Security Essentials so I removed it and then tried to re-install it but got error 1622, also had this issue with a few other apps. Things...