1. J

    Do I need any special permits to import (order) Vitamin B1 powder from China?

    Hi guys, Ive been wanting some bulk vitamin B1 but its insanely expensive here (R15 per gram) but I found I can get it from china at R1.50 a gram, just wondering if anyone knows if I need special permits as its not a medicine/drug but SA being SA might have classed it as one
  2. Z

    Buy/import AHCC

    Hi I'm looking for an immune booster supplement that can assist in well being of cancer patients amoung other benefits. The supplement is called AHCC, apparently this is an over the counter supplement overseas. Unfortunately this does not seem to be available in South Africa. Does...
  3. LazyLion

    One of the most significant Discoveries since Vitamins!

    Scientists are describing a plant compound called Salvestrols as one of the most significant breakthroughs in nutritional science since the discovery of vitamins. Salvestrols are naturally occurring compounds (phytonutrients) which fight fungi in fruit and vegetables, are essential for human...
  4. LazyLion

    Vietnamese Hopeful of Unproven Scientology "Detox"

    North Vietnamese army veteran Nguyen Anh Quoc grimaces as he forces down the last of the 35 vitamins he takes each morning. After decades of suffering from illnesses he believes were caused by exposure to Agent Orange, he is putting his faith in a regime advocated by the Church of Scientology...
  5. M

    Kiddies Vitamins for adults?

    I bought some vitamins for my sons some time ago but they don't like the taste of it. Can I use the rest of it? I have about 90 chewable tabs. I was thinking to take double the dosage recommended for children.
  6. H


    Has anybody taken this multivitamin? The doctor prescribed it and I thought he was just recommending a normal multivitamin but it turns out you can't get this without a prescription. Chemist said it's cause it contains a stimulant. Ginseng is a stimulant?
  7. M

    Organic food has no significant nutritional benefits vs regular crops But then we already knew this. The benefits are environmental, right? Oh wait, doesn't that mess up the key argument in favour of vitamin supplementation?
  8. mercurial

    Vitamin supplements may do more harm than good, warns medical adviser

  9. P

    McNab's Energy Tabs

    Has anyone tried these? I bought some gonna try tomorrow see if they make a difference.