1. S

    Complete Netflix South Africa Catalogue

    Netflix South Africa has 678 titles compared to Netflix US which has 5754 . Here is a complete list of the shows available on Netflix South Africa Http://futuretv.co.za/netflixsa.pdf
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    VU video streaming – rebadged MTN FrontRow with cheaper prices

    VU video streaming – rebadged MTN FrontRow with cheaper prices MTN FrontRow has been rebranded as VU, with promotional subscription prices to match ShowMax.
  3. QuintonB

    MTN zero-rates FrontRow data

    MTN zero-rates FrontRow data usage MTN has announced that it is now zero-rating all data usage for its FrontRow video streaming service on the MTN network.
  4. G


    So...after 3 days of nonstop playing and fiddling here's the pros and cons: Setup: Altech node connected to Satellite and dsl via WIFI 1TB 2.5" External connected to 1000mAh usb port 2TB 3.5" External connected to 500mAh usb port BR-player connected to 1 of the 2 HDMI inputs HDMI output to TV...
  5. D

    VOD: VIDI, Altech Node, Netflix

    I can't seem to find a thread giving much detail of user experience with VIDI or Altech Node. I do not have Dstv and I just use Netflix on a PS3 for series and movies.
  6. E

    IPTV & VoD SA licensing requirements

    have seen a few threads about proposed IPTV services so below is a summary of the current licensing / regulatory position as set out by ICASA in its Position Paper in relation to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Video on Demand (VOD) Services . Summary IPTV services which fall...
  7. Jan

    Wabona on-demand video beta available in SA

    Wabona video-on-demand beta in SA A new online video-on-demand service based in South Africa has entered a public testing phase.
  8. J

    Push VOD:TV

    Guys, is this service live??? ----> http://www.southtel.co.za/ According to the website, a sign up section has been incorporated... *sigh* Signed up, anyone tried this service? Is it available nationwide? Do i need another dish? Thanks, JD:wtf:
  9. jes

    TopTV is considering a video on demand (VoD) service

    TopTV is considering a video on demand (VoD) service On Digital Media will consider a video on demand product for TopTV after they have made key technology decisions
  10. rpm

    Telkom faster ADSL speeds, VDSL, video on demand

    Telkom ADSL speed upgrades, VDSL, video on demand Telkom provides comment on their ADSL speed upgrades, VDSL and video on demand services
  11. jes

    Telkom’s burnt fingers and a lesson learnt

    Telkom’s burnt fingers and a lesson learnt Nigerian Multi-Links failure is a costly experience