vodacom 3g bundle

  1. fundutzi

    Vodacom Prepaid Data rates, am I missing something?

    Dear All, For years I would pay +- the rates in table for 30 days of data on the Vodacom network. Why are these prices so much more compared to Telkom? Brief example from table: Vodacom R599: 10GB of data for 30 days Telkom: R555 60GB day, 60GB night for 30 days
  2. Y

    Vodacom charged me R 13460.78 for 6 gigs of data

    Please help. I have a huge problem with Vodacom. I have a data account with Vodacom. Due to circumstances the line was cancelled for 3 months. After paying the arrears Vodacom reinstated my account. In June I realized that my account was about R 4500.00. After investigating the matter at a...
  3. O

    Recharge code

    Good Evening I need info on who I can subcontract to make me a code to recharge,like your FNB *130*321# recharge code? Absa *120*2274#,etc I need that for my customers,I have a model I want them to start using it but I am stuck on which company I can approach for quotes, Your positive...
  4. D

    Data Bundles dodgy once one hits last 10% of bundle,..

    You know, it bites me, i use bundles 2gb monthly and well, have done so for years,.. EVERY time one gets to the back end of the bundle ones connection goes for a ball of sh...t,.. What really grinds my gears is that as a successful 'learner' i manage my bundles rather well to the point that...
  5. S

    Vodacom 3G Contract Bundle Purchases?

    Hey! so... i have Vodacom 3G on contract, but only a 1GB cap....within a week or two, depending on how much we use the internet die 1GB is depleted... I receive a message from vadacom saying: "The data bundle on xxxxxxxxxx has already been depleted and out-of-bundle rates are applicable.Refer...