voice over ip (voip)

  1. G

    Is voice spam the beginning of the end of the voice call business?

    Voice spam is affecting my business and productivity to the extent that I have now started a habit of referring my clients to WhatsApp calls or Skype calls. I am now even going further and telling them from 2019 I can no longer take voice calls on my cellphone. They need to call the office. The...
  2. C

    Considering VOiP phones, like Fresh PHONE, what options do I have?

    https://mybroadband.co.za/news/industrynews/204390-fresh-phone-is-becoming-popular-among-residential-users.html I've read about Fresh PHONE a while ago before I had Fixed Home LTE, now that I do have the connectivity it has peaked my interest again. I currently have Neotel line, with which I'm...
  3. D

    Temporary VOIP Solution - Month To Month

    Hi All Want to check if anyone knows if there are any companies out there that provide a Temporary VOIP solution that would allow something like a month to month opportunity on a new number?
  4. Jan

    How Vodacom, MTN can kill the value of mobile VoIP services

    How Vodacom, MTN can kill mobile VoIP A Skype call from your smartphone could cost you anything from R4.39 to R36.62 per minute if Vodacom and MTN wanted to.