1. R13...

    I met an EFF voter

    Dude has an engineering degree and is a postgraduate student at a top university. He told me he is going to vote for the EFF and admires Mugabe. He tried to "convert" me for a bit and when I started talking about populism and so forth he went quiet and stopped trying. He truly gobbles up the...
  2. LazyLion

    Zimbabwe Election Body Won't Ease Monitoring Group Ban

    Zimbabwe's official election body says it will not back down on its ban preventing a leading human rights group from monitoring a referendum on a new constitution on Saturday. Acting head of the Electoral Commission Joyce Kazembe said Wednesday the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association is facing...
  3. J

    Attention DA:An insulted voter speaks.

    LINK Pretty much my view too. If the ANC gets a 2/3 majority,you can thank DAUW and his party for that.