1. J

    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    Hi everyone. To check current FTTH coverage in PE please visit either: http://www.openserve.co.za/open/fibre/ or https://www.mtn.co.za/Pages/Coverage_Map.aspx If you currently have FTTH in PE, could you please send speedtest screenshots and possible pings to local servers in Cape Town/JHB/DBN...
  2. NeonNinja

    2G only MTN network? WTF?

    So for the past hours I've only been able to attain 2G/EDGE on the MTN network. Smartphone, 3G tablet both halt on "E". Afrihost Mobile's sim is limited to 2G only. I've interchanged the sims throughout the devices. Area: Port Elizabeth, Walmer, 10th Avenue. Anyone else experiencing...
  3. E

    iBurst wireless in Walmer, P.E. Anyone?

    Hi there I'm looking to apply for an iBurst wireless Giga package with a Desktop modem, and without an antenna. I live in Greenshieldsark, very close to Walmer 13th and 14th avenue. According to what I can make out on the iBurst webpage, one of their base stations is located in P.E Central...