water crisis

  1. Jan

    Water crisis looms in South Africa if more dams aren't built

    South Africa facing a water crisis — here's why South Africa’s water resources are at a critical point, and the country is facing a severe crisis unless there is immediate action. The World Bank’s 2030 Water Resources Group warned that a gap between the demand and supply of water is developing...
  2. A

    "Sabotage by ANC central gov against people of Western Cape" - Bart Henderson

    I received this in a WhatsApp group. Did a quick check whether it's posted elsewhere on MyBB but found nothing, so here goes. I'd never heard of Bart Henderson before this, and know nothing about him or his creds. Disturbing if true. My first question is: If true, why isn't this front and...
  3. N

    Using loadbalancing to address GP water supply?

    Hello, If you are in the ICT sector, you may be familiar with a concept called "load-balancing" that is normally used to handle server loads. Now based on this principle of "balancing a load", would it be possible to do the same thing with the current water shortage in GP? For example...
  4. M

    Potchefstroom water crisis

    There has been a water shortage/crisis in Potchefstroom since last week and Friday leaving the whole town without water and no immediate estimate on when it will be restored. "Human error" seems to be to blame, that and the fact that residents do not heed to restrictions, watering gardens...