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  1. PrimeSteak

    Freelancing and other programming odd job sites/tips

    Hey guys, could anyone give me some tips on freelancing, getting odd jobs as an aspiring software developer? My qualifications: I don't have a qualification yet (I'm going to start studying next year via UNISA), I only have Matric (matriculated last year), a certificate from a MySQL course I...
  2. Cyanide9

    Continuous integration and continuous deployment CI/CD

    Has anyone done CI/CD on shared hosting or managed server? Especially on an Xneelo/Hetzner package. And if so, I would love some guidance as this is a completely new field for me.
  3. A

    Ruby on Rails Developer Needed

    ANVIL PropertySmith is a cutting edge commercial & industrial property services company. Using disruptive technology to rapidly gain market share. ANVIL PropertySmith presents a unique opportunity for a coder who wishes to learn about the Commercial & Industrial Property Industry. Working in a...
  4. Z

    Free Website Design and Development

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  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Twitter to create new mobile apps

    Twitter to create new mobile apps Twitter Inc is considering creating additional mobile applications beyond its core messaging service
  6. C

    Social Web Development Team

    I am looking for the team that will build websites around South Africa, those websites will focus on ads and registration T&C’s for business profits. I was told to get a team that I can work with to make this a successful business plan. I am looking for people with web development skills...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Facebook's Internet Defense Prize awarded

    Facebook awards Internet Defense Prize Facebook on Wednesday awarded a $50,000 Internet Defense Prize to a pair of German researchers with a seemingly viable approach to detecting vulnerabilities in Web applications