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    Web service of monitoring and administration of rigs: Cryptone.net

    Hello there, guys. I'm really into of mining since 2012 and suddenly when the scope became a big amount, I've realized that if I want to maintain the whole rig's park (about 600 my own rigs and about 1000 client's rigs), I need a centralized and stable solution for the monitoring and management...
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    Senior Product Developer - Pretoria

    Microworks is a Pretoria-based software company that specialises in the automation and management of business processes of small-to-medium enterprises. We are a small dynamic team with a passion for innovation and excellence. As a Senior Developer at Microworks you'll be part of a team that...
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    Anyone familiar with nTouch (Web-based SMS Service?)

    I was wondering if anybody has had any dealings with a company/service called nTouch. They offer a web-based SMS service across all the networks and specialise in bulk SMS bundles. I came across them because it's one of the current Wicount specials and I am considering trying them out. What...