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    CryptoFish is looking to hire a part-time web designer in Johannesburg, SA

    CryptoFish is a rapidly growing global FinTech company committed to applying Financial Intelligence in the name of Serving Humanity. The main responsibilities of this position are as follows: 1. Create style guides for the product 2. Manage all aspects related to UI & UX for new products...
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    Hi I need to know if the information on WHIOS is correct? I was looking for the date a website was created, and when searching on WHIOS it gave me: Registrar URL: http://tucowsdomains.com Updated Date: 2016-03-08T13:59:06Z Creation Date: 2016-03-08T13:59:06Z Registrar Registration...
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    Website platform

    Hi guys, know its my first post but i have been following this forums for quite some time. Wondering if you guys can offer me your advice. In the past week i have been following thenewboston's html,css and have just started his JavaScript tutorials. The problem i have been encountering is that I...
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    Joomla Freelance Web Designer

    Hi, Looking for an individual to work closely with to design a web site on Joomla. Need to be able to do graphic design. All images and cost involved for plugins, we will provide. No companies please! Thanks
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    Fix IE6 bugs with this reference

    http://www.virtuosimedia.com/tutorials/ultimate-ie6-cheatsheet-how-to-fix-25-internet-explorer-6-bugs There's no need to thank me. :rolleyes: