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    Every Bootstrap website. Ever.
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    My very own BidOrBuy-like website

    Hi I want to start my own BidOrBuy/Ebay-like auction website! I know this is pretty ambitious and or stupid! To compete with them!? Well like Walt Disney said " I like to do the impossible!" The auction part is crucial to my business model. Maybe I will bring in a 'buy now' model/option...
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    Need someone to help me with website development

    Hi All I need someone who can help me with web&mobisite design and development,It's a platform web&mobisite hence I need someone with special skill to help me,if you can help,the post to the platform should look like the quoted mybroadband posts or better,just painting a picture,I need someone...
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    SA's Top ASP.Net Web Development Companies

    Hi Guys, I'm currently working for one of the "Big 4" companies. We have a quite a big and interesting project coming up, and this project would be too big for myself and a colleague to handle. After a chat with management, we decided to outsource the development of the web-based...
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    PHP Editor::Dreamweaver CS6 vs Zend Studio 9.0.1

    Hi all, I have used Dreamweaver with loyalty for the past couple of years. It is understandable that one becomes very familiar with the software, and therfore it grew on me :sick:. I have worked with other editors like Comodo and not so long ago i also gave Zend Studio a shot at impressing...
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    Terrible Web Development Practices - Need help with this

    Hi all, I need some opinions on this: I recently found the following security issues in a website done for a shop - SQL queries were being displayed to the user at the top of the results page after they used the search function - There was no sanitization, so you could pass SQL...