1. M

    Woman gives up on men and marries her dog

  2. I

    Cop’s trial hears of teen’s night of rape

    How can South Africa teach their cops NOT to rape but protect the women? Ok, not all cops do it but still, I believe the government should do something about it. Ok OK Wishful thinking I know that too . . . http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/cop-s-trial-hears-of-teen-s-night-of-rape-1.1561992
  3. M

    [Video] Bus driver uppercuts unruly female passenger

  4. antowan

    Something to make POKER players cry...


    Crazy b*tch spitting everywhere for no reason

    Some random woman sucking snot and spitting randomly during a news report recording. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53DOWClT8mI&feature=g-logo :D. I love the guy's reaction: "Tell me you got that!" This is just WTF?! :wtf:
  6. M

    Mother discovers her long-term boyfriend is actually a woman

    More.. Does look a bit like a bloke.
  7. M

    Taiwanese woman finds out she has testicles

    Link Am I going to hell for laughing? :D
  8. A

    QOTD 1!

    If you could get any woman in the worls , who would it be? I would choose Kate Hudson.....:D and South African ...... Genie D

    Weirdest response from a Gumtree ad

    I placed a couple of ads on Gumtree, then this week I get an email from a woman in Dakar who saw my "profile" there. Read below. A scam? I was totally like "WTF!!!!!" 1st E-Mail: Hello, How are you doing today hope fine.My name is joy I came accross your profile here and after going through...
  10. M

    Woman allegedly prostituted with child in car

  11. M

    Woman pretends to be dog, scares off burglar

  12. M

    Pack of raccoons mauls 74-year-old Florida woman

    Seems it's all happening in Florida lately... More...