1. J

    Ready to cut the local Vumatel lines due to their bad service

    Earlier this week my Vumatel/Wondernet FTTH line went offline for 9 hours. During that time I was assigned a new IP. Now you would ask, what is the problem? In February 2019 when my FTTH was freshly in the ground & hanging from a telephone pole (Vumatel & Openserve), I phoned around and asked...
  2. W

    Wondernet Youtube peformance?

    Anyone here using Wondernet (Seacom, Macrolan)? After upgrading to 1000/100mbps I started streaming Youtube in 4k since I have a ridiculous speed for 1 user. Since then (quite a few weeks) there are times (usually around 7pm) where they have trouble giving a smooth stream. I have seen 1080p...
  3. J

    WonderNet - Vumatel and Openserve prices

    WonderNet - Vumatel and Openserve prices SEACOM has revealed pricing for its new consumer ISP, WonderNet. Launching in May, WonderNet will offer uncapped and unthrottled fibre products with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.
  4. 8BitLife

    Any Wondernet (used to be Seacom) clients on here?

    I'm looking to get fibre through Vumatel (as they are the only fibre provider in my area) and I have been doing some research as to which ISP I should use. My preferred option is actually Rocketnet as they have stellar reviews and their packages are well-priced. Except for the installation. On...